Jun. 9th, 2030

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I will choose one from among you, and it shall be good Will Stutely, for he is as sly as e'er an old dog fox in Sherwood Forest )

Jun. 8th, 2030

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I for one will rather starve in the greenwood than suffer toil and wrongful ruling any more. )

Apr. 10th, 2021

⚔︎ 041 | backdated to Tuesday evening


love, the kidnapper who took the baby. it's a kid. i don't understand it all but it's a kid, he's fifteen years old and he thinks he's saving a child from ares. he's trying to be a hero.

you know what ares and apollo are gonna do to him. he's done the wrong thing but he don't deserve to die for it. we have to try and get to him first.

Apr. 1st, 2021

⚔︎ 040


hey mate, figured you might be the person to ask about this. you know anyone in this city who does ids for our type that ain't hermes and don't charge an arm and a leg? or is that too tall an order on my part?

Mar. 21st, 2021

⚔︎ 039 | Backdated to Wednesday March 17

[Merry Men and Clio, excluding Arthur]

we're on our way home with art.

he's been out on his own in the woods a long time. he's not physically hurt and he was rapt to see us, but he's muddled. he's gonna need some help adjusting from all of us. i dunno how he's gonna handle being in the city after all this time.

Mar. 11th, 2021

⚔︎ 038

[Merry Men and Clio]

got an update from the pi. here's what we have so far.

george was working at an animal shelter in boston till 2003. he drops off the map after that, might've changed names.

wat was arrested at the wto protest in seattle in '99, got released without charge. dunno how long he stuck around there.

still nowt definite on dave or art, but that cabin art was talking about in '99? we might have a location. best we can put together from what everyone remembers, he was headed somewhere in northwest wyoming, someplace remote and forested. this spot fits the bill – and the pi's found a bunch of reports of a beardy recluse who's got a reputation for picking arguments with hikers. sound like someone we know?

what do you boys think – worth taking a road trip?

Mar. 10th, 2021

⚔︎ 037


i've been meaning to talk to you about summat. about a month ago, marian offered me the spare bedroom in the fox. i was giving her and rob time to settle in and then the damned lucifer thing happened, but now things are knock-on-wood settled, been thinking this weekend would be a good time to make the move. daresay i'll still be loitering round the parsonage the same amount as before, but you don't need me camped on the sofa when the little one arrives.

Mar. 2nd, 2021

⚔︎ 036 | Posted Tuesday morning

[Merry Men, visible to Clio]

i'm sorry to lump this on you all. i'm sorry i dint say summat sooner.

eleven days ago, clio and i ran into lucifer. he's hurt her before and i guess he just saw the opportunity to have some sick fun. we was in a restaurant and he made us sit there while he burned clio. he would've done worse if michael hadn’t showed up.

we've been camped behind wards ever since. michael reckons there's a good chance lucifer's already lost interest, but we've not been mad keen to test the theory.

i'm coming back to the parsonage today. clio's taking a bit of time away, someplace lucifer don't know about.

so... yeah. what's news with everyone else.

Feb. 15th, 2021

⚔︎ 035

[Merry Men and Clio]

so listen. we've been letting some stuff slip through the cracks. nobody's fault, but it's happened.

we're missing people. art, george, david, gilbert, wat. i dunno if they're doing just fine on their own or if they're even still around, but i don't like not knowing. i want to find them.

for a start, clio's gonna contact that pi, the one who found tuck's kids. anything you lot remember about what those boys were up to last, anything as might be a lead, give us a shout and we'll pass it along. it might turn up nowt, but it's worth a shot.

we got some other stuff in the works, too. much, you're gonna like this: we're gonna go viral on tick tock.

Feb. 8th, 2021

⚔︎ 034


listen, i didn't want to say owt till we had marian safe, but there's some stuff clio and i've been working on and you should know about it. can we talk?

Feb. 7th, 2021

⚔︎ 033 | Texts to Will Scarlet

[Stutely hasn't seen Scarlet since his conversation with Addy – or the intervention from Tuck that it spawned. It's not by design, but he feels kind of shitty about it. He feels even shittier that he didn't realise just how rough a time of it Scarlet was having, 'specially when the evidence of it literally punched him in the face a full month ago. Just another thing he missed while he was wallowing in his own hole.

If they were the kind of people who actually acknowledged their struggles, he might have tried to reach out with some expression of support, an 'I'm here for you' or 'we've got your back', or even a simple 'alright, mate?', but Stutely can only imagine Scarlet hearing those words tinged with unbearable pity or faint blame. At least, it's how
he'd hear them in Scarlet's shoes.

So all he's got to offer instead are more dumb jokes.]

Today 11:32 AM
turpentine scarlet ceredig
little baby turps
with a singing voice that'll strip paint off the walls, just like dad

Feb. 3rd, 2021

⚔︎ 032


scarlet needs to be told to pull his bloody head in.

i spoke to aderyn. she says she's not even sure he's gonna be involved with the baby after all. apparently he's been taking his own shit out on her and making her feel like crap. he told her he thought having a kid was gonna be a weekend thing, for fuck's sake!

so which of us is gonna talk to him?

⚔︎ 031

[Aderyn; strikes deleted]

what a blizzard out there, aye? can't even make it to the workshop so i'm trying like mad to distract myself making myself productive by thinking up more names to annoy scarlet with. so far i've got ingeborg, attila, chlorine, ebenezer and grissell. thoughts?

how are you doing besides? managing to steer clear of the alarming mommy blogs?

Jan. 31st, 2021

⚔︎ 030

[The pews are finally ready to go, and on Saturday morning they're loaded onto the moving truck and delivered to Tuck's church. They're solid oak, of a traditional style that might easily have been at home in a Nottingham church a century ago.

There's one other item on the truck that's not for the church, but for Tuck. Originally, before being kidnapped and starved in a dungeon for a fortnight blew all of Will's deadlines to hell, it was going to be a Christmas present. (And a thanks for giving him his first commission this side of prison. And for carrying his secret, and looking out for him, and bringing Clio into his life, and all the other stuff he struggles to put into words.)

It's a coffee table made from a single slab of walnut, a cross-section of the tree's trunk, sanded to perfect smoothness till the natural grain of the wood shines, with only a light varnish. The live edge of the trunk forms soft, irregular ripples on either side.]

Jan. 27th, 2021

⚔︎ 029 | Texts to Will Scarlet

Tuesday 4:42 PM
hyman if it's a boy. hortense if it's a girl.
Today 11:53 AM
i also like the sound of colon
Today 2:11 PM
'dad what made you and mum choose my name?'
'well spurgeon megatron scarlet ceredig, it all started when your uncle stutely crushed me in a contest of strength...'

Jan. 25th, 2021

⚔︎ 028


what you said the other night, about being left behind. you were right. you were completely right. i'm not the only one. we've let it happen too many times. and it got me thinking.

i want to find the rest of us. art, david, gil, george, wat, everyone. i talked to clio and we've got the start of a plan. the book she's writing on me? she's gonna do one for each of us. so if any of 'em's going through what happened to me, they've got a fighting chance of getting out of it. and we're going to use that pi she knows, too. once we've got marian safe, i'll loop in the others, get down everything we remember about where they were last and we'll see what the pi can do with it. but i wanted to tell you first.

oh – scarlet told me the big news. could've knocked me over with a feather! i invited aderyn to drop over sometime, figured you'd be good with that.

Jan. 24th, 2021

⚔︎ 027 | Texts to Clio

[By the time Will's sorted himself out to the point of feeling something in the realm of human again, it's coming on evening, and he's still got to tell Clio. He can't leave it any longer. It'll worrit her enough that he waited more than twenty-four hours to tell her; he can't let another night go by.

It twists at his gut, though. He doesn't want her to see him like this again, roughed up like he's been fighting, like he's exactly the kind of thug he swore he wasn't. He doesn't want to have to confess that instead of coming home and letting her take care of him the way she asked, he tried to take care of himself and wound up screaming unforgivable things at one of the people he loves most in the world. His hands are clammy as he taps out the words, and they appear on the screen in an anxious rush.]

Today 6:05 PM
i need to see you but not with ella around
got jumped on the train yesterday i'm a bit banged up it's not bad just don't want her to see is all
i wasn't fighting i swear that's not what happened i'm sorry i should have told you

Jan. 23rd, 2021

⚔︎ 026

[The morning after, Will wakes feeling like boiled shite, sunlight stabbing into his eyes, pain thudding at the base of his skull, mouth as dry as sandpaper and tasting like the bottom of a shoe. He barely gets the loo seat up before he starts heaving.

And all that's before the bile-soaked memories of last night begin to slide back into brutal focus.

Tuck's face. Eyes bright with tears, twisted with pain, and he hadn't
cared, he'd just kept on laying into him, he'd— oh, god. Oh god.

The memory of Tuck's ragged screaming triggers another wave of nausea.

You think you're the only one no one came for?!

Weak. Selfish. Stupid. Coward. Every traitor fucking thought he'd stuffed away, and he'd let it all come spilling out of him. And onto
Tuck, of all people. His brother. One of his best mates. The one who'd had his back through everything.

He spends a good part of the day laid up in the spare bedroom in the Sly Fox, staring at the phone on the mattress beside him, imagining it staring accusingly back. Knowing there's things he needs to say and not having the words to say them. Knowing he needs to tell Clio sooner or later and hating himself for hiding from her. He's hiding from everybody.

Finally, when he can look at the phone screen without his eyes watering, he sucks it up.]


being drunk and hurt ain't any excuse for what i said.

i had no right and what's more i was full of shit. we did fail you. we should've been there when you needed us. you shouldn't have had to go through it alone.

i was a bastard and lashing out when all you were trying to do was help, like you always do. you didn't deserve that.

i'm sorry mate.


i was a dick and out of line. i'm sorry.

Jan. 17th, 2021

⚔︎ 025


this is gonna sound like a frivolous thing to ask right now and if you're helping with the search or owt, don't even worry. but... i'm working on summat for marian at the fox and there's walls that need painting, and i remembered that's summat you do. only if you want to, of course. i could show it to you?

Jan. 9th, 2021

⚔︎ 024


this is a weird question. i'm sorry. been asked not to share the details with anyone so i can only tell you the bare bones.

much has a mortal friend who's dying of a curse. do you know anyone who can break that sort of thing?

[Merry Men]

working on a thing for marian, for when she's home. most of it i can handle on my own but could use some extra muscle for the first part. anyone else fancy putting a sledgehammer to a loo dungeon?